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“Beauty is in simplicity” is so trite, but this is my favorite phrase that clearly describes that sometimes we don’t need to go out of our way to please someone, we don’t need to imitate someone. I love simple, sincere communication, I appreciate self-respect and honesty. I would like to tell a lot, but I think that it is better to get to know a person in a dialogue personally. No wonder they say that each of us manifests himself differently. I always adhere to my principles and do not deviate from what I started.


I consider myself a creative girl, I like to create something. I often write, draw, photograph. I like to convey how I see the world through it. I consider sports, yoga to be an important part, in the warm season I like jogging in the air. I like to cook, I always look for interesting recipes.


For me, the ideal partner is someone who loves, respects and supports their partner. He knows how to listen and understand his feelings and needs, and is also ready to satisfy them. He is reliable and loyal, always ready to provide support and help. Also, the ideal partner has a sense of humor and knows how to create a positive atmosphere in a relationship.